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Alpha, Beta, Omega
"It’s a spiral. Reminds us that we can all rise to one or fall to another."

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If you’re watching a show for a ship, you’re watching it for the wrong reasons

This line of thinking needs to die. It is only ever trotted out to shame and belittle same-sex pairings.

No one tells people watching Castle for Castle/Beckett that they’re watching for the wrong reasons. No one tells people who want to know which brother the chick from The Vampire Diaries will end up with that they watch for the wrong reason. 

But if it’s a same sex pairing, then you’re wrong and not a true fan and I am experiencing Hulk levels of rage just writing this. 

If I wanna watch a show because maybe the guys I like will have some romantic sounding dialogue, or the girls will hugs for a couple of seconds too long and stare at each other hopefully when the other isn’t looking, then damn it, that’s why I’m gonna watch. 

Stop telling me I’m wrong to want to see same-sex couples and ships. 

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actual puppy derek hale

actual puppy derek hale

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I would just like to add to this, if that’s okay? 

Because I just wanted to say something real quick. 

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I love you two so much.

This won’t stop me from reading Sterek fanfiction, reblogging Sterek, making Sterek things, writing Sterek, talking about Sterek, and fangirling about Sterek. I love Sterek, I see it in a romantic way, I see their chemistry in that way, and with Hoechlin’s response, he made it clear that he is fine with me seeing it that way, and he doesn’t want me and others to stop being creative with Sterek, to stop loving it, even though he doesn’t see it the same way we do. 

That’s really what he said, in the end, and people using his words for hate and spite and enjoyment over those who do ship it is, to me, a disservice to Hoechlin most of all, and is just plain and simple a shitty thing to do to anyone who ships it and loves it. 

I love Sterek, and I am proud of that, and I won’t stop shipping it for anyone or anything, so people can take their glee, spitefulness, and hate and just take it away from a public place for people to see and be hurt by, because it is unwanted, unwarranted, and really, really fucking rude. 


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  • Question: Pretty sure Wolf Derek would love a belly rub and an ear scratch like a little fluffy puppy - Anonymous
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#omfg#it looks like isaac has just hatched or something#and derek is so fucking confused by it#’da fuq is this thing’#’am i its parent now?’#’…. i guess it’s kinda cute’ (via cuallta)


Sorry I don’t have the time for full comics but here have this


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Ian Nelson vs. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale

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The best quality of Hoechlin is the sunshine. 

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I have been worrying about the tattoo ever since the season 4 intro was released. As a person who has tattoos, I was really pissed at first that Jeff would just switch Derek’s tattoo around without bothering to say why. I thought, maybe he found some official Triskele information that showed that he had Derek’s tattoo backwards and it meant something different that way and so he just flipped it and was trying to slip it past us or something. But I could never really stop thinking about it. My tattoos are meaningful, Derek’s tattoo is meaningful. Flipping it would change it, and that felt wrong wrong wrong to me.

The “meta group”, of whom I follow quite a few, has posited that season 4 Derek might be a faux!Derek. I had already suspected that myself, as soon as his eyes were yellow. And the further into the season we get, the more out of character Derek seems to act. He is calm and sweet and well adjusted. And while I love that for Derek in fanfiction, I am suspicious of it on the show. This season seems to have a lot of fanfiction type stuff going on though. Kate is back from the dead, Derek was de-aged, Stiles is exploring sexy times with a girl, Parrish is on the list of supernatural people, the Sheriff is all take-charge and into-it with the supernatural stuff… And Derek is acting so unlike his canon presented self.

So, tattoo. Season 4 Derek in the intro has a backwards tattoo. A flipped image. A reflection, if you will. So, is season 4 Derek a mirror image of canon Derek? Has Kate created an opposite Derek somehow? Like Bizarro World Superman? A Derek who is the true opposite of the Derek we all know and love? Taking away his memories of the fire and her terrible betrayal and leaving a happy kind Derek who has not known the horrors of canon Derek’s life. And now, his werewolf powers are fading. Is mirror Derek fading away? Is mirror Derek becoming more human, since that might be the opposite of a werewolf? Is the tattoo backwards meant to show us that Derek is not who he usually is?

I think so. I think we have a faux!Derek, a reflection of who he really is, a poor reflection at that.

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