Ok so the reason I’m posting this is cause I’ve also seen a lot about the bullying and name calling…

Some backstory here:

I reside in South Africa.  I came into this fandom in Jan 2013.

I had NO EXPERIENCE in fandom at all.  But Teen Wolf/Sterek ate my brain and I loved everything about the show and when I stumbled into tumblr sometime in Feb 2013 I WAS OVERJOYED!!!!!!!!!!

There were other people who I could fangirl with and just a;lsjdfal;sjd I felt so part of something… I still do…

PS: I have become aware through THE PLEASANT part of the fandom who could educate people in a nice way like me WHO HAD NO IDEA that this was such a trigger phrase.

Now I’ve never been called out since on anything I’ve posted because I’ve kept my eyes and ears open to things and tried to stay out of the wank. 


We aren’t all as clued up as you.  I live in a country were we don’t use phrases like potato to label someone who is down syndrome… SO I REALLY DIDN’T KNOW.  I have not used the term again since, so lesson learned. Even though I feel it could have been taught/shown to me in more gentle manner.

I hope this post doesn’t offend or trigger. I’m really trying to show as someone on the other side that although we all make mistakes, it can be handled with tact and respect.

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    yep that’s basically the anti-culture: "don’t trigger me!!!!1one!!" next post "lol these basic bitches should just kill...
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    It’s all good. Yea, we could go at this till the cows come home and won’t 100% agree. I am curious as to some of the...
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    i mean, i still disagree with you on certain points, and i typed up like a page and a half rebuttal of this post, but...
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    But…but my friend called me potato……was she insulting me?
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    You are making a pair of false base assumptions that they are a) aware that what they are doing is unacceptable and b)...
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    Also, the ask reply really didn’t make it seem like they wanted to learn a damn thing. It just sounded like they were...
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    I thought it was ok to call the “hero” of a story a potato, because everything he does, you can replace with a potato,...
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    I completely agree with the above. I’ve been involved in fandom for over a decade and I’ve always stayed out of wank....
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    I live in America and I’ve never even heard of this until now! I thought it was just a term of endearment of yours for...
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